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Waiting Out the Storm    by Joann Early Macken & Susan Gaber order for
Waiting Out the Storm
by Joann Early Macken
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2010 (2010)

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* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

If you are like me you probably aren't real happy when a big storm comes along. One day my mother and I were out picking flowers when I heard the wind begin to blow real hard and all the branches in the trees were making a funny sound.

Next, big drops began to fall from the darkened sky so mom and I headed for the house. To comfort me my mother said that the rain comes when the wind calls. She explained that:

'They burst from the cloud,
skipping and leaping and laughing out loud.
They spin and they tumble. They bounce on the breeze.
They dance to the tune of the wind in the trees.

That was pretty cool but then the sky got real dark. I heard thunder and there were flashes of lightning. Now I was really worried. As we headed for the house I asked what the ducks, turtles, birds and chipmunks do during weather like this.

She said they don't really mind. Some of them love the rain and others snuggle together in their dens or nests. That's exactly what mom and I did. We ran in the house where we were safe from the storm and snuggled up together watching it rain outside the window.

I think you'll like my story and after you read it (or someone reads it to you) I bet you won't be so worried when a storm approaches. Waiting out bad weather really isn't so bad if you understand what is happening.

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