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The Kingfisher Soccer Encyclopedia    by Clive Gifford order for
Kingfisher Soccer Encyclopedia
by Clive Gifford
Order:  USA  Can
Kingfisher, 2010 (2010)

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* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

The Kingfisher Soccer Encyclopedia by Clive Gifford has been fully revised and updated for the 2010 World Cup competition. This excellent guide not only explains the key rules, skills and tactics, but it also examines issues in and around the game, such as rabid fans, media coverage, and the demands made on the players.

There are also special chapters of the book devoted to the legends of the game as well as some of the great club and national squads. Obviously, a new section has been added on this year's championship site in South Africa. A detachable, poster size, color wall chart will help the avid fan track the winners in all the brackets that lead up to the final on July 11th.

Those fascinated by soccer trivia will find fact files sprinkled throughout the text that contain all sorts of interesting information. For example in 1970 Brazil's coach, Mario Zagalo, became the first person to have both played in and coached a World Cup winning team. Also, tied games at the knockout stage of a competition were once settled by tossing a coin or drawing straws. The tie breaking shoot-out format began in 1970.

Besides a staggering amount of information crammed into this comprehensive soccer guide, the pages are filled with color action photos of individuals and team play. Although it's intended as an introduction for readers eight years of age and older, most adults will also find this a fascinating book.

With its in-depth coverage of every aspect of the game plus the latest statistics and the Hit the Net Websites boxes that provide access to databases of players, international results, and team histories, this volume offers far more than just a quick glimpse of soccer.

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