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Pork Chop    by David Edminister order for
Pork Chop
by David Edminister
Order:  USA  Can
Outskirts, 2010 (2010)
*   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

David Edminister's picture book Pork Chop features Porter P. Snout of Porkland, Pygsylvania. His favorite story as a piglet is (what else?) The Three Little Pigs. Though 'rather well rounded', Porter grows into a 'fine young hog', who has nightmares about a big bad wolf.

So Porter enrols in Master Tusk's martial arts academy, and becomes his best student, ready for his black belt test (the years of intense training required are rather glossed over). On his way home the evening before his test, Porter hears cries for help, sees what looks like a BIG BAD WOLF trying to enter a senile senior's home, and sends the 'woefully wicked wolf' - and his own bad dreams - running.

The next day Porter discovers at Master Tusk's dojo that he's already passed his test - and earned a new name. Though Pork Chop is more verbose than usual for a picture book and the illustrations are unsophisticated, the author does have a way with words and tells a pleasantly porcine tale.

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