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Red Hot Chili Samurai: Volume 1    by Yoshitsugu Katagiri order for
Red Hot Chili Samurai
by Yoshitsugu Katagiri
Order:  USA  Can
TOKYOPOP, 2010 (2010)
*   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

There are many manga where the main character or one of the main character's cohorts likes to eat a certain food, with plenty of gags resulting. However, in most other manga, the food of choice is something sweet. In Red Hot Chili Samurai, manga-ka Yoshitsuga Katagiri went in a totally different direction, making the favorite food of protagonist Kokaku Sento a chili pepper.

Kokaku is a crane samurai who is routinely sent out by his father to take down criminals with two other samurai, Ento and Ran. There is also a silent ninja who advises Kokaku and a turtle samurai who likes to get into Kokaku's way. This is about the extent of volume one. While the samurai are sent on missions, I could never fully understand what was going on and therefore all I really got out of the read was that Kokaku likes peppers and everyone else thinks he is crazy for doing so.

Although I did not understand the story, I did find Yoshitsugu Katagiri's art to be pleasant. It has the right feel for an action comedy, with distinguishable characters and a few sight gags. If you appreciate action comedies with more action and comedy than plot, you might enjoy Red Hot Chili Samurai, but for those looking for deep plot and character development, there are plenty of other manga out there.

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