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Monster Fliers: From the Time of the Dinosaurs    by Elizabeth Macleod & John Bindon order for
Monster Fliers
by Elizabeth Macleod
Order:  USA  Can
Kids Can, 2010 (2010)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

'They soared over prehistoric forests. They swooped down to snatch fish out of lakes and oceans. Monster fliers ruled the sky, while the dinosaurs roamed the land below.'

Thus begins this beautifully illustrated picture book on some of the most remarkable prehistoric creatures that winged their way over their earthbound relatives.

Pterosaurs (flying reptiles) make up the bulk of the ancient creatures discussed here. They range from early fliers, like the eudimorphodon, which sported a long, stiff tail with a flap at the end to help it stay steady in flight and the anurognathus, the smallest pterosaur who was an insect eater and may have hitched a ride on the backs of far larger dinosaurs.

Nineteen monster fliers are profiled by Elizabeth MacLeod, who resides in Toronto. If you check the back of the book you'll discover two pages of scaled diagrams that compare these creatures to one another. As you'll see, two of the largest pterosaurs were certainly impressive in size. Quetzalcoatlus sported the wingspan of a small airplane while argentavis' outstretched wings could cover a minivan's length!

Dinosaurs continue to be a very popular topic with young readers and children five years of age and up will relish paging through this informative and entertaining volume.

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