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Diary of a Confessions Queen    by Kathy Carmichael order for
Diary of a Confessions Queen
by Kathy Carmichael
Order:  USA  Can
Medallion, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Amy Crosby writes short stories for a magazine called True Lies. She feels blessed to have a small income to help pay her bills. Seven years ago, Amy's inventor husband Dan disappeared without a trace. There were no warning signs, no marriage problems, and no note. After all this time Amy has lost hope of ever seeing Dan alive again. She wants closure and has filed a legal motion to have Dan declared dead. The insurance money she could collect would help her keep her home.

After dealing with the legalities, Amy receives a mysterious note from an anonymous person demanding $2,000 in cash. If the money is not paid they will prove that Dan is still alive. Shaken by this turn of events, Amy refuses to pay the money. Maybe Dan is out there somewhere, leading another life. Amy begins to receive threats to her life and her home is vandalized several times. Whoever is doing this to Amy means business, and she immediately makes a list of suspects.

Once again Detective Brad Tyler is on the case. He worked hard to find Dan but came up with nothing and eventually had to close the file. He had always been attracted to Amy. He kept in touch with her and helped out in any way he could. When Dan's best friend, Jerome Keller, is found murdered, Amy is the prime suspect and once again comes under suspicion for Dan's disappearance, even though they never found a body. Now Amy has to prove to the police and the town that she is innocent and there is a real killer running loose.

Diary of a Confessions Queen is a good mix of humour and mystery. Filled with crazy characters, it is action packed and at times a laugh out loud read.

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