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Intern at Your Own Risk: CSI    by Sekou Hamilton & Steven Cummings order for
Intern at Your Own Risk
by Sekou Hamilton
Order:  USA  Can
TOKYOPOP, 2009 (2009)
*   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is one of the most popular TV shows on today. After numerous spin-offs, board games, video games, and novelizations, it was only a matter of time before it reached manga format. However, its manga incarnation, Intern at Your Own Risk by Sekou Hamilton and illustrated by Steven Cummings, is a little different than the rest in that, while some of the main characters are still there (even if they are no longer on the show), the manga revolves around a group of five high school interns.

Kiyomi Hudson's home life is not the most desirable, with her mother gone and her father barely making ends meet. But she does not let that stop her from pursuing her dream: to become a CSI with the Las Vegas crime lab. Even though she does not ace the intern exam, she is accepted because they need a girl. She and the four male interns work on a case involving a girl they all went to school with, who also wanted to be an intern. Things get heated, though, when the evidence starts to point to one of their own.

I prefer CSI: NY, but my husband is a huge CSI fan, so I am familiar with the show, and thus was able to pick out Grissom and Doc easily, but Cummings' depiction of Catherine looks nothing like her. Also, two of the interns look a lot alike, and it was hard to keep them straight, especially in some of the panels that seem more lax. Hamilton's story was a little more cohesive than the art, but the motive for the killing came way out of left field, and I am not all that sure how Kiyomi pieced it all together. But then again, sometimes the TV show confuses me, too.

Overall, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Intern at Your Own Risk is a unique take on the CSI franchise. However, I would have enjoyed it more if there was a little more detail in both Sekou Hamilton's and Steven Cummings's work. Teen fans of CSI will enjoy this OEL manga version and probably envy the characters.

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