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The Resurrectionist    by Jack O'Connell order for
by Jack O'Connell
Order:  USA  Can
Algonquin, 2009 (2008)
Hardcover, Paperback, CD

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*   Reviewed by Bob Walch

'I think the best books are the ones that really break into our consciousness and disturb the peace. The stories that insist on wrestling up things we'd rather keep hidden away and sedated,' says Jack O'Connell. 'And I think the old cliché is true: if you want to evolve - as a writer or a human - there's a need to engage your deepest, most persistent fears. At midlife, the need to do that becomes acute.'

If you agree with the author, you'll probably enjoy this highly imaginative suspense story that is part classic noir thriller, part mind-bending fantasy and part surrealistic nightmare. An auto accident has left Sweeney's son Danny in a coma. The distraught father takes his son to the Peek Clinic in hopes the specialists there can work their magic and bring Danny back to consciousness.

As he becomes immersed in the world of the clinic, Sweeney comes to realize things aren't necessarily as they seem in this strange institution. As the intrigue that envelops Peek Clinic envelops the man and his son, Sweeney's search for answers leads to sinister back alleys, brutal dead ends and terrifying rabbit holes of darkness and mystery.

Most disturbing of all, perhaps, is the knowledge that Danny's cure may lie in Limbo, a comic book beloved by him before his accident. A bizarre world of psychotic bikers, mad neurologists and wandering circus freaks may hold the key to Sweeney's son's resurrection, but venturing into this labyrinth may come at a very high cost.

Frankly, this novel wasn't much to my liking. I'm way beyond midlife and I think I've evolved enough for the time being! I don't really wish to resurrect my deepest and darkest fears when I sit down to read a story. I don't sleep that well at night as it is, and I certainly don't need Jack O'Connell to juggle my sub-consciousness even more!

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