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Collision of Evil
by John J. Le Beau
Order:  USA  Can
Oceanview, 2009 (2009)

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* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Robert Hirter travels to Germany to bring the body of his murdered brother home. While there, he talks to Commissaire Franz Wahlberg and decides to use his vacation time to find the murderer. Charles Hirter had been climbing in the Bavarian Alps when he was struck down. Why? What could possibly be so important that a man had to be killed to keep it from being discovered?

This is where the story takes a really big turn and the reader finds himself involved with the German police, the CIA, Islamic terrorists and suspense that climbs higher and higher with each page. Actually, the story begins its journey with the end of World War II, then moves on to current events and the murder. From there it escalates to modern day terrorists and the evil they embody. An unheard of alliance of the CIA and German police proves productive but still doesn't answer the question of why and where a possible terrorist attack will occur and who will execute it.

At this point you will want to keep turning pages - although you will be frightened by the possibility this novel engenders. I can't in good conscience reveal any more of the excellent and disturbing plot. Keep reading. The blockbuster finale is not to be missed. Author John J. Le Beau served as a clandestine operations officer for twenty-five years. He, therefore, knows of what he writes and, though it is hard to believe, this is his debut novel. Mr. LeBeau, I look forward to more of the adventures of Robert Hirter.

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