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I Love Yous Are For White People    by Lac Su order for
I Love Yous Are For White People
by Lac Su
Order:  USA  Can
Harper, 2009 (2009)
Softcover, e-Book

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*   Reviewed by Bob Walch

When Lac Su's family fled Communist Vietnam they thought they'd find a better and much safer existence in the U.S.. They were totally wrong! Settling in West Hollywood, an area rife with gangs and crime, the family found themselves living in conditions that some would say were worse than what they left behind in their homeland.

In this eye-opening memoir, Lac Su describes his life in a household where they were just barely scraping by and where there was little parental support. Looking for acceptance, the author became involved with a gang in his early youth. Only his later resolve to pull himself together enabled him to reverse the situation and make something of his life.

This tale reinforces the stories already written about what happens to all too many uneducated immigrants who settle in this country. Much can, and often does, go wrong for these individuals, making many of them regret the decision to come here.

In Su's case there is a happy ending to the story. Married with three children, Lac Su went to college and earned a doctorate in industrial-organizational psychology. He is currently the vice president of a think-tank and management-consulting firm in Southern California.

If you are curious about the book's title, it reputedly refers to an event from the author's boyhood. When the author hugged his father one day and told him he loved him, Su's harsh and exacting father responded, 'I love yous are for white people.' Is it any wonder Lac Su eventually ended up on the street?

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