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Degrees of Separation    by Karen Wiesner & Chris Spindler order for
Degrees of Separation
by Karen Wiesner
Order:  USA  Can
Swimming Kangaroo Books, 2009 (2009)

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*   Reviewed by Pat Elliott

Small town police work did not prepare Shasta and Vincent for things they uncovered while investigating the murder of a dancer at Danse de Minuit. What most Falcon's Bend residents thought of as a classy gentlemen's club turns out to be a strip joint and more.

Andre Trelawny, with his huge fancy house, tries to convince Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent that his girls only dance. Digging deeper, they discover Trelawny keeps the girls on a short leash and demands their loyalty even to the point of silence to the police.

Upon investigation, the detectives find that the girls have no past. Their social security cards were all obtained on the same day. Neither do the girls have bank accounts and they all live in the huge house with Trelawny and his wife. More striking is the fact that one of the dancers and Trelawny's wife are identical twins. Hard as it is to believe, Trelawny has a sexy, beautiful harem of ready and willing strippers living in the same house as his wife.

Without help from Trelawny and his strippers or from the gentlemen who frequent the joint, Shasta and Vincent must find the murderer and prevent another killing, while fending off advances from Trelawny's all too willing housemates.

This book is the nearest to pornography I care to read. The plot is unusual and the climax interesting. Be prepared for foul language and graphic sexual word pictures.

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