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Toxin    by Paul Martin Midden order for
by Paul Martin Midden
Order:  USA  Can
American Book Publishing, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Pat Elliott

Junior Senator Jake Telemark drops into a surreal world when Isadore Hathaway requests he meet with her in secret. Isadore is the daughter of late Senator Frank Hathaway, who carried a lot of clout in the Senate. The story she reveals is so bizarre Jake cannot believe it is true; a group of right-wing fundamentalists is conspiring to take over the US government.

Isadore's facts add up to an alarming masterminded scheme that will be nearly impossible to stop, and people in the United States will not known it is happening until the fundamentalists succeed.

Jake, a junior senator from Wisconsin, is an easygoing, roll-with-the-flow kind of guy. Why has Isadore approached him with this conspiracy? Isadore reveals that Jake is a target along with other senators who hold a middle of the road stance in government - and she knows a secret from Jake's past.

As Jake falls in love with Isadore, she asks him to do something he vowed he would never do again; take another person's life. Upon the deaths of good friends, Jake realizes he has the skills to stop the takeover but will his sanity remain intact?

Although it is beyond the imagination of the average citizen that terrorists are working within the government to take it down, this book is one you will not soon forget. The pace is fast with a terrifying storyline that possibly could happen. The author, Dr. Midden is a licensed psychologist living and working in St. Louis, Missouri.

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