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Harriet's Had Enough!    by Elissa Haden Guest & Paul Meisel order for
Harriet's Had Enough!
by Elissa Haden Guest
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2009 (2009)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

What parent has not had lost his or her cool with a child? When Mama Raccoon asks her daughter to pick up her toys in the living room and Harriet relies, 'Go away - I'm busy!' there's going to be trouble. The child follows that response up with, 'I don't feel like it!' and then, to make matters worse, she kicks her blocks! Sound familiar?

Taking Harriet up to her room for some cool down time, her mother tells the brash little raccoon that she is fed up with her behavior. Does Harriet know enough to be quiet? Of course not!

'I'm fed up to!' she shouts and then the youngster begins to pack her bag because she's determined to run away. On her way out the door Harriet encounters her grandmother and dad who ask where she is going and why she is so upset. Both adults explain everyone must clean up the messes he makes; then they tell Harriet good-bye and ask her to be sure to write every day or call! That's obviously NOT what she wanted or expected to hear.

Finally, out on the porch, mother and daughter sit down and discuss the situation. Admitting that neither one of them likes to fight, the two make up after apologizing to one another.

Kudos are in order to Elissa Haden Guest for not only putting a humorous slant on this real family situation but resolving it in a manner that I think most parents would agree with. Everyone, no matter his or her age, will lose it from time to time. The key is knowing how to deal with the situation afterwards. This superb story provides a template for both spirited children and their parents that shows how to get an uncomfortable episode like this resolved.

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