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The Two-Bear Mambo: A Hap and Leonard Novel    by Joe R. Lansdale order for
Two-Bear Mambo
by Joe R. Lansdale
Order:  USA  Can
Vintage, 2009 (2009)

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*   Reviewed by Pat Elliott

Joe Lansdale's series characters are an unlikely pair - one white, the other black, one straight, one gay - but friends through thick and thin, fire and water. And where Hap Collins and Leonard Pine are, there is also usually trouble. The pair does not just stumble into trouble, they go looking for it. With a hilarious bent on life, and loyalty to each other, they find trouble in Groovetown.

Groovetown is not a safe place for blacks, but off they go even though their friend Sgt. Charlie warned them not to. But they have to go find Hap's gorgeous ex-girlfriend, Florida, don't they? Of course, when Florida disappeared, she was living with Lieutenant Marve Hanson. But hey, what the heck, maybe if Hap rescues her from imminent danger she will come back to him. Who knows?

Their venture into Groovetown proves the town doesn't like blacks and they aren't big on white trash either. While they find no sign of Florida until the dam breaks, that is they are in trouble with the Klan. Which is when the shooting starts. Hap saves Leonard's life twice before it is over and they continue on to more adventure in subsequent books.

The Two-Bear Mambo has nothing whatever to do with two bears, except for one small bit of video from National Geographic. The book (which I rate X for language and W for wildly wacky) is filled with humor and mayhem, foul language, much laughter and yes, suspense.

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