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The Witch's Grave: An Ophelia & Abby Mystery    by Shirley Damsgaard order for
Witch's Grave
by Shirley Damsgaard
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2008 (2008)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

When Ophelia Jensen begins experiencing sexy dreams, she wonders if her visions have evolved to another level - certainly she's never had dreams quite as - err - vivid. When she reveals her secret to Darcy, her best friend is thrilled for Ophelia and, free spirit that she is, suggests Ophelia's dreams can only mean one thing - that she's found her soul mate. All she has to do now is wait for him to show up. Practical and straight-laced Ophelia scoffs at Darcy's romantic notions but is set back on her heels when she literally meets the man of her dreams during a library fundraiser.

Stephen Larsen is also rather startled when he meets Ophelia, certain that he's met her before. The pair decides to take a quiet country stroll, but mere minutes into their foray a shot rings out and Stephen is left gravely injured. Was the crime writer the target of murder or was someone gunning for Ophelia as the town sheriff suggests? Ophelia simply doesn't believe anyone's out to get her. Ignoring the sheriff's additional warnings to keep her nose clear of his investigation, Ophelia and her grandmother make it their business to investigate Stephen's background. Before long they're stumbling over all sorts of clues as well as the attention of others who'd prefer Ophelia just mind her own darn business.

Damsgaard has written another very readable entry in the Ophelia & Abby Mystery series. She adds an intriguing reincarnation twist to the proceedings as Ophelia's dreams eventually reveal why she finds Stephen Larsen so eerily familiar. Readers who take pleasure in short cozy mysteries with a slight paranormal twist will definitely enjoy The Witch's Grave.

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