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Togainu No Chi: Volume 1    by Suguro Chayamchi & Nitro+ CHiRAL order for
Togainu No Chi
by Suguro Chayamchi
Order:  USA  Can
TOKYOPOP, 2008 (2008)
*   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

If you like brutal, post-apocalyptic war game type manga, than Togainu No Chi by Suguro Chayamachi and Nitro+ CHiRAL is the book for you.

After a horrible war, Japan is a wasteland. Its deserted towns have become playing fields for a brutal game called The Igura. In it, players kill other players for their dog tags. Each dog tag has a number and a suite, like playing cards. To advance, players try to make the best poker hand. If you break the rules, executioners will come to kill you. Aside from the executioners, players fear a new entrant, Shiki, who seems to kill for another reason than the game. Another rookie, Akira, is just learning the rules as he plays for his life.

I found Togainu No Chi rather confusing. A lot of the characters look alike, and very few have personalities that really stand out. I could tell that Akira did not really want to be part of The Igura, but I never would have figured out the reason without reading the synopsis on the back cover. The story also jumps around between characters a lot, adding to the confusion. However, the artwork, which is very dark and bold, works well for this type of manga.

I am sure there are manga fans out there who will love Togainu No Chi by Suguro Chayamachi and Nitro+ CHiRAL, but I was just not one of them.

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