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Dead File
by Kelly Lange
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2003 (2003)

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Kelly Lange, a former news anchor and reporter for a TV news station, gives readers a look into the world behind the scenes of TV news. It's a fascinating portrayal of what it takes to put a news program on the air. Dead File is the fourth book written by Kelly Lange to feature Maxi Poole. Maxi lives an unintentionally exciting life. For extra titillation, Lange has thrown in a murder by very unusual and clever means, a shooting and some true skullduggery.

TV News Anchor Maxi Poole is able to quickly view, at the crime scene, the body of a powerful and influential member of industry - long enough to notice that the woman's trademark blue eyes are actually brown! The woman's husband / business partner comes under suspicion as does another financial tycoon and the husband's administrative assistant (who happens to also be his mistress). Fresh clues are thrown the reader's way and the action is past paced. In the middle of all this, Maxi manages to have a short but intense relationship with a foreign correspondent. Her producer writes a book that is stolen out from under her computer password, and Maxi comes close to buying the farm in some very exciting pages.

Of course, everything is resolved at the end - and I have to admit to being surprised. Be sure to pay attention to the last chapters. Though everything is explained, the reader can get lost along the way. And though the way all the loose ends were tied up seemed a bit contrived to me, I still found Dead File a good read.

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