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by B. B. Jordan
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Berkley, 2001 (2001)
*   Reviewed by G. Hall

Billed as a scientific mystery, this book features immunologist Celeste Braun who is a bright young untenured researcher at a ficitional San Francisco university. Although this is the third book in the series, the author includes enough background to quickly bring the reader up to date. Braun encounters several accidental deaths or possible murders of well-known scientists in her field at conferences around the world. She becomes involved in solving the mysterious deaths using her scientific detection skills when she herself becomes a suspect.

B. B. Jordan is the pseudonym of real life academic immunologist Dr. Frances Brodsky, so the scientific milieu is portrayed accurately with enough snippets of the current hot research areas in immunology to fascinate or possibly overwhelm the reader. However, the author is presumably more skilled as a scientific researcher than a mystery writer. The academic science setting, including the well-drawn foreign locations of several conferences is well-done. In addition, the struggle of an assertive young woman to make her way up the academic ladder really rings true. But the mystery is a bit predictable and the language often quite clich9d.

There are very few mysteries featuring scientists, other than mad ones such as Dr. Jekyll, so Jordan's efforts are noteworthy. However, they will be even more welcome with better technique on the mystery itself.

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