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America: The Making of A Nation    by Charlie Samuels order for
by Charlie Samuels
Order:  USA  Can
Little, Brown & Co., 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Michelle York

My child could become the next president!

What parent doesn't like to think that? Undoubtedly a few of them will be browsing the bookstores this holiday season looking for a way to prod their little ones toward the Oval Office, and be tempted to pick up America, The Making of A Nation.

The book, written by Charlie Samuels and published by Little Brown, takes young readers through the country's first important moments. Each page has an interactive novelty, such as a Liberty Bell that lifts off the page to reveal a list of facts about the American symbol.

Adults will love to flip through it, oohing and awing at its clever illustrations and beautiful craftsmanship. But how will young readers react? Many will veto it.

The book, aimed at ages 7 to 10, is not very readable. The fonts are too small and the pages too crowded for a young child. Too often, the content deals with more trivia than history, such as the backstory of the $2 bill. Though the $2 bill is mildly interesting, it is not enough to really excite a child enough to read.

Without question, there are many delightful features in this book. America, The Making of A Nation will look great on the shelves at home. But before you spend $19.99, just be aware of who will be reading and appreciating it.

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