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Flight to St Antony    by Tony Blackman order for
Flight to St Antony
by Tony Blackman
Order:  USA  Can
Blackman Associates, 2008 (2008)
*   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

If you are a pilot, I would imagine Flight to St Antony is just your cup of tea. A passenger jet ditches just short of St Antony, a Caribbean island near Barbados. Most on board, both passengers and crew, die in the crash. There had been some disturbance in the business class section of the airliner prior to the accident. When flight attendants try to help people out of the sinking wreck, some panic and climb over others to save their own lives.

Peter Talbert is a consultant for the company that insures the hull of the plane. He can't put his finger on the problem that caused the crash. When two of the surviving passengers are murdered, he's sure that something is amiss. His tracking of the problem that caused the airliner to go down takes the reader along with him as he meticulously interviews everyone who might have had anything to do with the flight.

It's a good plot written by someone who knows his topic. Tony Blackman has a long background in the aviation field. His expertise is evident. I like his characters as they emerge in the story. I do feel, though, that a final edit would have been a good idea. Punctuation is sadly lacking throughout. Missing words and typos distract from the story's fluidity. Though there is also too much technical detail covered for me, I imagine that others would understand and appreciate it.

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