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Far: The Freak    by Carol Matas order for
by Carol Matas
Order:  USA  Can
Key Porter, 2008 (2008)

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Far is the third - following The Freak and Visions - in a series starring young Jade, who came out of a bout with meningitis with psychic talents, with which she continually struggles. In the first two episodes, she and her family learned of her abilities, then her new boyfriend Jon and best friend Susie were let in on the new reality. She used her telepathic and precognitive abilities to save many lives but kept her secret close.

Now, as Far opens, Jade and her family are on spring break in Palm Springs and plan to visit a nearby university with a psychic studies department. Unfortunately, Jade is getting strong flashes of trouble for Jon back home with the new study partner, Cindy, he's tutoring in English - is this something real or is it jealousy on her part? Jon refuses to do anything, and Jade worries that they're developing trust issues.

At the university, Jade's abilities are tested - she scores incredibly high and begins to find answers to some of the questions she's had about her talent. She also meets cute redhaired Mitch, who shares her telepathic ability, but unfortunately keeps sending her images from his childhood nightmares of 'someone trapped in a small room'. Odd accidents plague Jade, someone spreads stories of her psychic ability online, and 'a dark cloud hovers over the university' in her dreams.

Events build to a climax and disaster strikes. Jade realizes that she has gotten a lot - but not everything - wrong, and her talents are outed by the press. But all is not lost since her friends, her boyfriend and her family are all behind her. Far is another entertaining episode in an engaging series that looks thoughtfully at what it would really be like to be psychic.

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