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Archibald's Swiss Cheese Mountain    by Sylvia Lieberman & Jeremy Wendell order for
Archibald's Swiss Cheese Mountain
by Sylvia Lieberman
Order:  USA  Can
Seven Locks, 2007 (2007)
*   Reviewed by Michelle York

Every once in awhile, a book with a good lesson fails to deliver. Unfortunately, Archibald's Swiss Cheese Mountain is in that category.

The book, written by Sylvia Lieberman, tells the story of a young mouse's misadventures as he leaves his momma to find food on his own. When Archibald ignores his mother's advice, calamity happens.

But Lieberman, whose background is in educating children as a docent at the Museum of Natural History, writes wordily, destroying any nervous tension a reader might have when the mouse gets caught in a block of cheese that is about to be sliced. Also, a passage when Archibald gets stuck while trying to pass through a hole in the wall will be very familiar to lovers of Winnie the Pooh, who gets caught the same way, except with a belly swollen from honey instead of cheese.

On the plus side are the bright illustrations by Jeremy Wendell. Archibald is nothing if not cute. And some parents may choose to pick it up because of the overall message: Listen to your mother! Who can argue with that?

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