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Try Darkness    by James Scott Bell order for
Try Darkness
by James Scott Bell
Order:  USA  Can
Center Street, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

After being cleared of a murder charge in Try Dying, the first in this series, lawyer Ty Buchanan decides to stop playing with the big guys who have dollar signs for eyes. A Protestant, Ty lives in a trailer at a convent where elderly nuns are cared for. Sister Mary Veritas - a nun of the Benedictine order, young, pretty, and a great basketball player - takes on Ty in games and in life.

A land development company is trying to close down a residential hotel and build a large commercial venture there. A number of war vets live there from Korea, Vietnam as well as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. When a woman is murdered at the hotel, the plight of the veterans becomes a cause for Ty and Sister Mary. The murdered woman's child, Kylie, is also kidnapped.

Ty gets physically beaten up more than the average lawyer ever should. The bad guys always seem to have those who will do their nasty work for a price. Ty, on the other hand, has those on whom he can call for favors just for the good feeling they'll get from helping. When a second woman is killed, things start to fall into place for Ty. He asks friends for help and manages to bring the right people to justice. All this while trying another unrelated murder case.

The religious conversations in Try Darkness are interesting while in no way preachy. There is a lot of action that doesn't dominate the scenes. I like the plot. Lawyer books are multiplying. Some lousy, some good and some very good. This one is a winner. The sense of place is well done and the humor enhances an already good story.

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