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The Art of Keeping Secrets    by Patti Callahan Henry order for
Art of Keeping Secrets
by Patti Callahan Henry
Order:  USA  Can
Signet, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Annabelle Murphy has spent the last two years recovering from the death of her husband Knox. He was flying his plane, alone, heading out on a hunting trip when it went down. The wreckage was never found and Annabelle and her two children were devastated. Annabelle's friends rallied around and gave them love and support. Knox's childhood friend, Shawn, stepped in and has been there for sixteen year old Keely, and Jake, a college student. Annabelle continued at the local paper writing an advice column to help herself heal.

She is just starting to feel grounded again when the town sheriff brings shocking news. Knox's plane has been found in the wilderness of Colorado and he was not alone. A woman's body was also found inside the plane, but there was no identification with her. Annabelle is dazed and hurt. She does not know who this woman could be, and whether Knox was really going on a hunting trip. Maybe it was a cover up for an affair. Suddenly Annabelle has doubts about the solid marriage she believed that they had together. Friends know nothing about this woman and believe that Knox would not have strayed. Now, before the story makes the headlines, Annabelle must tell her children.

In Newboro, North Carolina, Sofie Milstead studies dolphins at a research centre. They are her one true love. She finds them relaxing and peaceful in a life that has been filled with lies, secrets, and sorrow. She has been hiding the truth for so long that she is starting to believe the lies that she has told others. Life has been difficult since the death of her mother. Michael Harly, an art historian, has been questioning Sofie about an artist he thought was connected to Sofie's mother's art studio. Now someone else from her past has come to town and is asking questions about Knox Murphy. How can Sofie talk about him without revealing the truth?

The Art of Keeping Secrets is a story of two women, Annabelle and Sofie, whose lives are woven together. It is rich in faith and emotion, and set amidst the lush Low Country of South Carolina.

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