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Tuesday Night at the Blue Moon    by Debbie Fuller Thomas order for
Tuesday Night at the Blue Moon
by Debbie Fuller Thomas
Order:  USA  Can
Moody, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Leslie McKee

When Andie Lockhart lost her parents, she believed that was the worst thing that could possibly happen to her. She was left to be raised by her loving grandparents. Her familiar world was torn apart yet again when she learned that the people she had called her parents were not really her parents.

After losing Ginger, her daughter, to a rare genetic disorder, Marty Winslow learns that Andie is her biological daughter. It turns out that Andie and Ginger had accidentally been switched at birth.

Forced to leave the only remaining family members she has ever known, Andie goes to live with Marty and her daughters (Winnie and Deja). While Winnie is very welcoming, that is not the case with Deja. They are finding it hard to accept that she is not Ginger. Andie already feels a bit abandoned and now she feels unwanted. She is sure that even God has forgotten her. Can Andie and the Winslows accept the new arrangement thrust upon them?

The writing in Tuesday Night at the Blue Moon is passionate and the characters are thoroughly engrossing, both of which make for an engaging story. It contains universal themes of moving past difficult times and embracing the future.

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