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by Mark Schorr
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Minotaur, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Tim Davis

Readers addicted to high-grade thrillers can enjoy something special in Mark Schorr's Fixation, the latest from the Edgar nominee who has ten other novels and assorted short-fiction and nonfiction to his credit.

When the non-stop tension and action in Fixation begins, psychotherapist Brian Hanson is taking life one day at a time in Portland, Oregon; as a recovering drug abuser and alcoholic, and as a combat veteran coping with PTSD, the divorced Hanson's life is further complicated by sleep problems and his bothersome tendency to be drawn into violent situations.

Meanwhile, Hanson's good friend (and perhaps his romantic companion), Louise Parker has plenty of her own problems; the FBI agent, divorcee, and lapsed Mormon remains wary of romantic entanglements and Hanson's violent tendencies. Then some things begin happening that will forever change Parker's life: an FBI raid at a neo-Nazi compound near Portland goes terribly wrong, and Parker's career hangs by a slender thread; making matters worse, one of the neo-Nazis escapes from the FBI's raid and now vows to takes his revenge on Parker; at the same time, the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating Parker because of her apparent theft of evidence in a previous case; 'someone hateful' is stalking Parker (through the Internet and up-close-and-personally) and making her life a living hell; and, as if everything else isn't problematic enough, someone with profound mental health issues - someone with whom Hanson is familiar - has decided that Parker does not deserve to live.

With all of the increasingly harrowing challenges contributing to Parker's total meltdown, and with Hanson offering to help her - although she repeatedly rejects his offers - Parker (and Hanson) will soon discover that danger and evil - with unanticipated power and shockingly hideous effects - can come from some very surprising sources.

With the accomplished author having been a psychotherapist for sixteen years in Portland, Oregon - a colorful city with a notorious history - Mark Schorr is no stranger to the subject matters and themes covered in Fixation, the second novel in the acclaimed Brian Hanson thriller series; by further drawing upon the rest of his background - nightclub bouncer, bookstore manager, magazine writer, newspaper reporter, and private investigator - Schorr has crafted another no-holds-barred winner for readers who crave pulse-pounding action and entertainment.

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