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Someone Like Summer
by M. E. Kerr
Order:  USA  Can
HarperCollins, 2008 (2008)

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* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Blonde and beautiful, seventeen-year-old Annabelle Brown falls in love with Esteban Santiago, an undocumented immigrant from Columbia. Both live in the Hamptons in the resort town of Seaview, but in different worlds.

Annabelle's dad, a contractor, fills his building crews with illegal immigrants. Though he pays them less than the norm and has little respect for them, he treats them well as long as they do their jobs. However, any mistake is a firing offense. He hires Esteban to do roofing on their house at Annabelle's recommendation. She hopes her father will like the young Columbian. But Esteban, distracted by Annabelle, makes a mistake on the type of nails he uses, attracting the wrong type of attention from her dad.

When her dad realizes that Annabelle is seeing Esteban he makes rules intending to keep them apart. Annabelle, an unusually compliant daughter, twists the rules and sees Esteban anyway.

Esteban's sister, who thinks all white girls are loose, is furious with her brother for seeing Annabelle. The prejudices of the star-crossed lovers' families are amplified when the town decides to evict the immigrants.

Someone Like Summer is a love story, but Kerr has long been a writer who is unafraid to take on social issues. She shows the immigrant situation from both sides, while following the bittersweet romance between Annabelle and Esteban.

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