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Fifteen Minutes of Shame    by Lisa Daily order for
Fifteen Minutes of Shame
by Lisa Daily
Order:  USA  Can
Plume, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Relationship expert Lisa Daily's Fifteen Minutes of Shame is a fun chick-lit tale. On top of its being an engaging story, Daily spices it up with real dating advice.

Advice columnist and dating expert Darby Vaughn thinks she has the perfect life until she finds out that her husband has been lying about his weekly business trips. To make matters worse, she is publicly dumped while promoting her newest self-help book on the Today show. Devastated, she returns from her trip to find that her soon-to-be-ex has vacated their house, taking his children and moving back in with his ex-wife. Still recovering from her public shame, Darby goes on the rebound, spin-dating in order to get her career back on track, and hiring the most gorgeous divorce lawyer in Florida to help her get back at her husband and gain custody of her step-children. With her life on the rocks, it is no wonder that she encounters many twists and turns on the road to divorce.

Daily does an excellent job of pulling readers into Darby's life immediately and keeping them empathizing with her throughout her public humiliation. However, I lose Darby a little when she vows to sacrifice all else to battle for custody of her step-children. Fortunately, many of the supporting characters in Fifteen Minutes of Shame share my sentiments, which is what kept me engaged after this turn of events. Daily, though, does have a reason for Darby to feel this way, which helps cement the ending. Also she keeps the story moving by ending each chapter with good dating/relationship advice that relates to Darby's experiences. Plus, seeing how Darby handles her circumstances, helps readers evaluate their own relationships, showing that Daily has talent in both fiction and non-fiction.

Fifteen Minutes of Shame is a great novel for readers who are worried they might be cheated on or have been cheated on. Author Lisa Daily combines fiction and advice in a way that will make readers laugh.

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