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A Reunion to Die For    by Lauren Carr order for
Reunion to Die For
by Lauren Carr
Order:  USA  Can
Five Star, 2007 (2007)
Hardcover, Softcover
* *   Reviewed by Pat Elliott

Widower Joshua Thornton returns to his hometown with his five children to live in his grandmother's vintage home. In due time, he is elected to the post of Prosecuting Attorney in Hancock County, Chester, West Virginia.

His children attend the local public school, taking part in athletic activities. When cheerleader Grace Henderson is shot to death on school grounds, Joshua is suddenly in the center of the investigation. His cousin Tad just happens to be a medical advisor and his friend from childhood, Jan, is at last realizing her dream to be a newspaper reporter. Joshua recalls that twenty-one years before another cheerleader, Trisha Wheeler, died in Hancock County. Her death was ruled a suicide.

Gail Reynolds, a former schoolmate, comes to Chester to write an investigative book about Trisha Wheeler's death. She has concluded that Trisha could not have been a suicide and gives Joshua concrete reasons to reopen the case. Surely the new killing could not be connected with the cold case but the possibility must be investigated.

As a successful attorney and a widower, Joshua has more than his share of opportunities to change his marital status in the quiet town of Chester. Even his friend Jan bemoans the fact that he never asked her out on a real date. Why then, when Jan and Tad become a twosome, is Joshua out of sorts?

Accusations fly and more people die. A list would be handy to keep the victims and suspects straight. Joshua is accused of Gail Reynolds' murder and brings in another old friend he calls Hank (a sexy but astute female attorney) who quickly proves Joshua innocent. As Joshua learns more and more about his hometown and his high school friends, he puts the puzzle pieces together to form a high profile murder history about unrequited love, greed and blackmail.

Mystery lovers will revel in the many plots and subplots in Joshua's town. Note that the first book in the Joshua Thornton series is A Small Case of Murder.

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