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Making a Living While Making a Difference: Conscious Careers for an Era of Interdependence    by Melissa Everett order for
Making a Living While Making a Difference
by Melissa Everett
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New Society Publishers, 2007 (1999)
* * *   Reviewed by Deb Kincaid

Global economies and job markets are in a state of flux, and this state seems likely to continue. Where should jobseekers start? Which career choices provide more than a paycheck, satisfy on a deeper level, and support personal ethical and moral values in a sustainable economy? And how can career counselors effectively guide them?

In this third edition Making a Living While Making a Difference: Conscious Careers for an Era of Interdependence, Melissa Everett takes the reader through a series of ten helpful steps that guide them from clueless to committed. This book is not a mere listing of jobs, requisite skills and training. It is tailored for an era focused on sustainable economies. Within the variety of newly created occupations, jobseekers who possess collaborative abilities, communication skills, initiative and other soft skills have as much or more marketplace weight as those with hard skills, Everett says.

She asks jobseekers to first of all consider the Impact Factor. What is your personal purpose, and what impact do you want to have in the world? All else hinges on this. What really matters to you? What work would you be most satisfied to be part of? That's where Everett's book begins, with awareness.

By various analytical devices, Everett helps jobseekers get to know themselves first, and then guides them through the ten steps to gratifying work options. She ends the book with three focused Appendices, the first specially directed toward career counselors.

Melissa Everett, Executive Director of Sustainable Hudson Valley, has made a career out of helping people and communities channel their energies towards positive, beneficial, and satisfying outcomes. Making a Living While Making a Difference is the go-to guide for career counselors, and jobseekers searching for a career with a purpose grander than themselves.

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