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The Accident Man    by Tom Cain order for
Accident Man
by Tom Cain
Order:  USA  Can
Penguin, 2009 (2008)
Hardcover, Softcover, CD, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Tim Davis

As the non-stop, roller-coaster action of The Accident Man begins to unfold, Samuel Carver, a man with a colorful and distinguished past, now keeps busy (working for covert organizations) by arranging serious accidents in which unsavory people are eliminated.

Carver's special talents are called into action against a Pakistani terrorist who has been located in Paris, but the carefully planned operation goes strangely awry when Carver finds himself being pursued by two people seemingly intent upon murdering him.

Then - in a truly bizarre moment which seems to involve Carver's coincidental appearance in the wrong place at the wrong time - Carver, as he is evading his murderous pursuers, finds himself nearly involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident in a Parisian tunnel. Racing away from the soon-to-be infamous accident scene (the location where Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed were killed), Carver is desperate to stay one step ahead of an accident in which he is the target.

Evidently betrayed but infinitely resourceful, Carver - throughout the remainder of The Accident Man's hyperbolic, thrill-ride action sequences in which an international conspiracy and mysterious characters figure prominently - finds himself inexorably drawn into a series of complicated situations dominated by mayhem, treachery, bloodshed, and murder.

The pseudonymous author's frenzied cinematic narrative is, to say the least, hyperactive and explosive, and The Accident Man will certainly appeal to readers who savor high-energy adventure tales that resemble the kind of video-games that are unencumbered either by complex characterizations or by compelling themes.

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