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Fake Boyfriend
by Kate Brian
Order:  USA  Can
Simon & Schuster, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Sally Selvadurai

Vivi, Lane and Isabelle have been friends for ages, and they are gearing up for their Senior Prom and then freedom from Westmont High! But there is a problem: Isabelle, who has been fantasizing about the prom for years, has just broken up with her sleazebag boyfriend, Shawn Littig (known as Sluttig by Vivi and Lane) and her two friends will do anything to stop her getting back together with him before the prom.

Impetuous Vivi comes up with a sure-fire plan create an online boyfriend who is perfect, someone who will take Isabelle's mind off Sluttig. Vivi's younger brother Marshall is cajoled into being the fake Brandon, which is fine by him since Izzy is sooooo hot. But their whole plan begins to unravel when they realize that Isabelle will only be satisfied with her fake online boyfriend IF he asks her to the prom otherwise Vivi and Lane fear she'll cave in and return to the offensive Sluttig.

What are Vivi and Lane to do? Can they hire someone to impersonate Brandon, who doesn't exist in the first place? Tie into this yarn a couple of other romantic twists Vivi falling for Jonathon, their real-life Brandon, and Lane who is head-over-heels for long-time friend Curtis, who is also aware of their MySpace shenanigans - and the story moves along nicely. Obviously not for male teens, but young teen girls will have a hard time putting down Fake Boyfriend.

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