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Four Wives
by Wendy Walker
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2008 (2008)

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

In a upscale Connecticut community, four women who are wives, mothers, and friends seem to be living the ideal life. They have big homes, flashy cars, and most have live-in help. A closer look however proves otherwise.

Janie, mother of four, is discontented with her twenty year marriage. Her husband's priorities are work and golf (in that order), leaving no time for Janie and the children. She is tired of carrying all the responsibility herself. Now, another man has given her the attention for which she has been craving. She becomes involved in a steamy affair she cannot give up. Marie, a lawyer, is trying to balance job and family life. She feels too caught up in the community pressure to throw parties and entertain her husband's business associates. Her young children only want what money can buy, and Marie misses the life they had in the city before their move to the suburbs. Now a new intern she has hired at the office is showing an interest in her, the older woman.

Gayle, living on family wealth, turns to pills to numb the pain of an abusive, womanizing husband. She tries to hold everything together for her young son, but he is withdrawing from life. The only person who truly understands what she is fighting is Paul, their chef. As Paul reveals to Gayle what he knows, she is drawn to him for his strength and understanding. Love is a doctor's wife, and a stay-at-home mom to three young children. She is unhappy with herself and feels unfulfilled. She has just received a letter from her father whom she hasn't seen in twenty years. A well known writer, he has decided to write a book on his life. Love is terrified that he will reveal the secret she has kept hidden all these years, even from her husband.

Each woman is struggling with her own demons, but when Love suddenly collapses at the school, they all come together to help. In so doing, the friends find themselves opening up and offering guidance to each other. Each woman, just like her marriage, is unique and each must make the right choice for herself. Four Wives takes a fascinating look into the lives of wealthy families - they seem to have it all ... but looks can be deceiving.

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