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Between Sundays    by Karen Kingsbury order for
Between Sundays
by Karen Kingsbury
Order:  USA  Can
Zondervan, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Leslie McKee

Since his mother, Amy, died two years ago, Cory Brigs has been living with Megan Gunn - Amy's friend who is now his foster mother. Megan longs to adopt Cory, but is not able to as long as there is a father in the picture. Cory claims his father is Aaron Hill, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback. Amy never mentioned knowing Aaron, so Megan believes Cory is looking to him as an idol/father figure.

Aaron Hill is a ladies man. In an attempt to repair his image, he agrees to help his teammate Derrick Anderson at a pizza party for foster children and their parents. Cory wrote a letter to Aaron telling him he was his son. Aaron feels sorry for Cory, but tells Megan it is not possible. He is taken with Megan, even though she is the last person his agent wants him to date. Aaron is confused by his feelings, as he has only truly loved one person - Amy Briggs. They dated, but broke up after his agent told him she cheated on him and became pregnant by another man.

After Cory shows Aaron what he considers to be proof that he is Cory's father, Aaron starts to question many things. Derrick encourages Aaron to seek guidance from God. He is amazed at the truths God shows him and how his life changes.

Set against the backdrop of the National Football League, this story has a realistic storyline with lots of twists to keep the reader engaged. The spiritual content is encouraging. It includes a study guide and an introduction by Alex Smith, the real-life quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, who established a foundation for foster children. He sums it up with the following: 'It's not what we do in front of 80,000 people on Sunday that defines who we are ... It's what we do and how we live Monday through Saturday, when no one is watching, that defines our legacy.' ... an important reminder for everyone.

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