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Last Kiss
by Jon Ripslinger
Order:  USA  Can
Flux, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Billy's romance with the beautiful daughter of the university president is over. Even though Lisa has dumped him, she invites him to her eighteenth birthday party. He knows he shouldn't go, but he can't resist.

It's Windy's idea to go with him to the party as his date to show Lisa that he's moved on. But even with a date in tow, Billy can't resist meeting Lisa in the woods behind her house where she tells him that she wants to see him that night.

The party is a bust. First Billy is insulted and called farm boy by Lisa's boyfriend who now knows of their late night trysts in her bedroom. Then he's given a lecture by her dad who threatens him if he doesn't stay away from her.

With all these warnings and the pressure put on him by Windy, the night of the party Billy still goes to Lisa's house, where they make love one last time. When he leaves, he knows that after graduation, just days away, he won't be seeing her again.

That night Lisa is murdered and Billy is the prime suspect. He's the only suspect the Cedar County sheriff needs. Arresting Billy for murder will be payback for something that happened years ago between Sheriff Moody and his dad. If you're looking for a good mystery, Ripslinger's Last Kiss won't let you down.

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