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Other Daughter
by Miralee Ferrell
Order:  USA  Can
Kregel, 2007 (2007)

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* * *   Reviewed by Leslie McKee

Susanne and David Carson are happily married with two children, Meagan and Josh. David wanted to do something special for Susanne's birthday. However, she wasn't expecting the surprise that showed up on her doorstep.

As far as Susanne knew, David had never been with anyone besides her. Imagine her shock when a teenager named Brianna arrives at her door, suitcase in hand, claiming that David is her father! When Susanne learns that a pastor had advised David to keep his indiscretion a secret, she realizes how little faith she has in God's ability to handle the situation. She believes He only wants to make her life miserable.

This situation is exactly the ammunition Susanne's friend Jeena was waiting for. She has never liked David and thinks Brianna's story is a scam. She urges Susanne to leave him, but Susanne is not quite ready to do that. After Meagan is injured in an accident, Susanne blames Brianna, David and God. Susanne does not see how it can ever be possible to relinquish control of her life to the Lord. When Brianna's alcoholic uncle Arthur arrives to reclaim her, Susanne and David must re-examine what role they want to have in Brianna's life.

Even if your family dynamics are nothing like those in the story, you are immediately drawn to the characters. There is an authenticity to them that you do not often find. A strong message of faith ties it all together. The Other Daughter is a book you will not want to put down.

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