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Religion: Eyewitness Books    by Myrtle Langley order for
by Myrtle Langley
Order:  USA  Can
DK Publishing, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Kerrily Sapet

From ancient times people have questioned their world. They have wondered: Why is the world as it is? Why do people die? Who am I? Does God really exist? Throughout the world, different religions and their founders have asked these same questions. They have each given their answers, which vary in some ways and mirror each other in others. In the book Religion, Myrtle Langley offers nonbiased information about the founders and the followers of the world's religions, and provides insight into the different beliefs of people around the globe.

Langley begins her book by taking a look at ancient Egyptian beliefs in life and death. She then moves on to explore the link between gods of Ancient Greece and nature. Langley offers detailed explanations of religions such as Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and several other modern religions. Langley describes religious rites, beliefs, gods and goddesses, and important relics and objects. Each segment begins with a short introduction describing the topic. On the following pages, information is provided through the use of pictures and detailed captions. Readers will learn the basic principles of several of the world's religions, along with their histories.

Despite all of the information Langley provides, the book doesn't read like an encyclopedia. Each page offers a new discovery for people of all ages. As an adult, reading this book with a child, I found we both learned much about the different beliefs held by people around the world. Across the pages, beautiful colored photographs and drawings illuminate the text and bring it to life. Pictures of authentic historical and modern items enhance explanations. Eyewitness Books: Religion is a thorough and fascinating read, providing a wonderful starting point for discussion and a greater understanding of the people who live in our world.

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