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There is More to the Secret    by Ed Gungor order for
There is More to the Secret
by Ed Gungor
Order:  USA  Can
Thomas Nelson, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Rhonda Byrne's book The Secret has taken the world by storm, featured on Oprah and catapulted to major success. Its principles of the 'age old secret of the law of attraction' have spurred discussion and a massive following. According to this law, you can have anything you desire if your mind continually thinks of that thing, which will attract it to your life. But how does this law fit in with a Christian's life? Is this a bunch of new age hype, or is there something to this secret? Ed Gungor, a well-known and respected Christian speaker and author, set out to discover if Christianity and The Secret are mutually exclusive.

Ed Gungor's thoughts and ideas, as presented in There is More to the Secret, will challenge Christians to think way outside of the typical box. One of the main points he makes in this book is that the law of attraction and the idea of sowing and reaping as presented in the Bible, are very similar concepts. He presents a great deal of Biblically supported evidence that people tend to become as they think. Yet Gungor takes these concepts a step further than Byrne does in The Secret (thus the statement that there is more to the secret) He explores the difficult questions about why bad things might happen to good thinking people, as well as exploring the limitations of Rhonda Byrne's propositions.

There is More to the Secret is not an easy read. There are deep, thought-provoking concepts that require pondering and prayer. The book would be excellent for study and discussion groups, and offers plenty of opportunity for spiritual and personal growth. Christians are highly encouraged to pick up There is More to the Secret rather than blindly dismissing Rhonda Byrne's book as 'new age garbage.' The well thought out principles presented will enhance the Christian life and encourage you to examine things more closely.

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