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Nini Here and There
by Anita Lobel
Order:  USA  Can
Greenwillow, 2007 (2007)

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* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Nini's people are packing, their belongings in a jumble, and she's worried that 'They are going away. They are going without me.' She moves around, lying on suitcases and climbing onto book boxes. She spies the carrier and tries to hide, but she's caught ... 'Come on, little cat. In you go.'

Anita Lobel shows us Nini's journey from the feline perspective, with charming drawings (Nini's striped face looks just like my own tabbycat, Samantha). Inside her dark carrier, Nini meows till she falls asleep. And then she dreams - of floating on a cloud, flying a hot-air-balloon, sailing the ocean, riding an elephant and a rocking-horse. Then her carrier's unzipped ... 'Come on. Out you go, little cat.'

Her journey from here to there takes Nini from city life to idyllic country surroundings (beautifully illustrated here by the author), reminding all of us that change is not necessarily to be feared, but can lead to much better things.

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