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Betsy Ross's Star: Blast to the Past    by Stacia Deutsch, Rhody Cohon & Guy Francis order for
Betsy Ross's Star
by Stacia Deutsch
Order:  USA  Can
Aladdin, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Kerrily Sapet

Who made the first flag of the United States? For years, everyone has learned that Betsy Ross, a Philadelphia seamstress, created the famous Stars and Stripes design. Legend tells us she received the request from George Washington himself. But it turns out that no one knows for sure exactly who designed and sewed the flag. Now, four kids are on a mission to discover the truth and to protect the past.

In Betsy Ross's Star, the eighth book in the Blast to the Past series, Abigail, Bo, Zack, and Jacob go back in time to protect Betsy Ross's place in history. The kids are members of a third grade history club, led by their Social Studies teacher, Mr. Caruthers. Through the use of Mr. C's special time travel computer and cartridges, the kids usually have two hours to stop history from derailing. In each of the Blast to the Past books, the four are up against the evil Babs Magee, a woman with her own mission - to change history by stealing credit for famous historic events. This time, they need to protect the legend of Betsy Ross, regardless of whether she created the first flag or not. Usually the kids work together, each bringing their own contribution to the group. However, this time, they face divisions while trying to solve a seemingly unsolvable historical mystery.

Jampacked with historical information, these stories have kids taking in history, without even realizing they're learning. The books are funny, fresh, and filled with adventure. Betsy Ross's Star is another hit for authors who have a knack for appealing to elementary-aged readers, as well as their teachers and parents. A special note to readers at the end of the book helps separate fact from fiction. It also highlights some of the authors' research, giving readers a peek inside the writing process. All in all, this is another great addition to the series.

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