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Heaven for Kids    by Randy C. Alcorn & Linda Washington order for
Heaven for Kids
by Randy C. Alcorn
Order:  USA  Can
Tyndale, 2006 (2006)
Softcover, CD
* * *   Reviewed by Lisa Respers France

Talking to children about death is never easy. Topics such as mortality and the afterlife can be difficult for adults to grapple with, and that can cause anxiety when young people are looking to their elders for answers. Randy Alcorn has gently approached the subject in two great books. Heaven for Kids is an adaptation of his best selling book Heaven, which explored questions of the afterlife from a biblical perspective.

Although Heaven for Kids is for the younger set, it is not at all dumbed down. Written in a user friendly question-and-answer format, it approaches death with a sensitivity that anticipates many of the inquiries children have. Questions such as 'Will we be able to fly and do other great stuff in our new bodies?' and 'Can people in Heaven see what's happening on earth?' are explored using not only explanations but also scriptural illustrations and examples.

In the past month, I have unfortunately stood at the bedside of a good friend's dying mother and later held my friend's hand while she explained to her children that their grandmother was gone. During that time, I have also suddenly lost my father's brother and had to answer the questions of my five-year-old nephew who couldn't quite grasp that his uncle was gone. This book is a wonderful entrée to the very necessary and difficult undertaking of discussing death with children. It is informative and will uplift children and adults alike.

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