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Container Gardening for Canada    by Laura Peters, Alison Beck & Don Williamson order for
Container Gardening for Canada
by Laura Peters
Order:  USA  Can
Lone Pine, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Spring is in the air and gardeners are preparing their backyard gardens and patios for summer enjoyment. Professional gardeners Laura Peters, Alison Beck and Don Williamson are here to help with their advice, particularly if you enjoy or contemplate trying your hand at container gardening.

In Container Gardening for Canada, they say that container gardening is one of the fastest growing trends in Canada as well as being 'one of the most practical and flexible forms of gardening ... suitable for every level of gardening expertise, demographic and space available within a landscape, even if that landscape is only a balcony'. They go on to point out that 'container gardening is a wonderful way to enhance larger gardens and landscapes' and that it's also 'a benefit to people with limited mobility such as the disabled or elderly, who require easily accessibility to their gardens'.

This guide discusses all aspects of container gardening for each unique growing zone across Canada. There are tips on selecting the best containers, picking colour schemes, and ensuring containers receive the optimum amount of light, water and nutrients so you can enjoy their beauty the entire summer. Ongoing care and maintenance is also presented as well as solutions to problems like insect infestation. Storing containers and tips on over-wintering bulbs, tubers, shrubs and perennials are also covered.

The balance of the guide examines the over one hundred plant varieties suitable for container gardening in Canada. Lush photos and two pages of information about each plant offered show everything you need to know about million bells, the geranium, cana lilies, lilacs, morning glories, pansies, roses, verbena, tulips and the numerous grasses, shrubs and miniature trees and specimen plants suitable for containers. The photos also provide guidance on choosing eye-catching and unique containers, as well as ideas on how to achieve appealing and striking plants groupings and designs.

Container Gardening for Canada is another great guide that no gardener should be without. It's filled with plenty of practical advice to help make container gardening easy, successful and fun, and to add flair to your balcony, patio, or walkway.

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