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Sisters    by Danielle Steel order for
by Danielle Steel
Order:  USA  Can
Delacorte, 2007 (2007)
Hardcover, Audio, CD

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Sisters is the story of a very close family surviving a tragedy and coming together to help one another. The Adams girls are all individuals, whose lives have led them down very different paths. Sabrina, the eldest sister is a lawyer in New York City. Tammy produces a hit TV show in LA. Annie is a struggling artist in Italy, while Candy (the youngest) is a top fashion model.

Every Fourth of July weekend, the sisters all come home to Connecticut for the lavish party thrown by their parents. Their mother welcomes their visits and wishes she could see more of her daughters, but knows they are all busy with their careers. But while the family is together, a tragedy strikes and turns their world upside down. A serious car accident involves Annie and her mother. The Adams family will never be the same again.

Sabrina comes up with the idea for all the sisters to share a house for one year while Annie heals from the accident and learns to be independent again. Sabrina is the nurturer and begins to take care of everyone. Soon, her job suffers, her boyfriend is put on hold and she feels the pressure closing in. Tammy feels guilty living on the West coast and not sharing in the responsibilities full time. She has a big decision to make - her job or her family.

Candy enjoys the good life, traveling the world, with people catering to her every whim and men falling at her feet. She soon discovers that her Prince Charming is a fake and returns to the safety of her family. Their father is dealing with all the changes in his life too. The sisters are there for him but want him to move forward. But when he does, he meets with his daughters' disapproval.

As the year passes, we see the family come to terms with their grief. Each sister grows, and regain her happiness and her place in the world. In Sisters, Danielle Steel has given us a story of a family overcoming life's hardships and finding the courage to move on. Written with humour and heartbreak, it will leave your heart smiling.

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