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In My Backyard    by Margriet Ruurs & Ron Broda order for
In My Backyard
by Margriet Ruurs
Order:  USA  Can
Tundra, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

In My Backyard combines Margriet Ruurs' introduction to the myriad of creatures in her busy backyard with Ron Broda's unusual and vivid paper sculptures. Pages alternate between text on gray/white shaded backgrounds and full color displays.

Ruurs begins, 'Welcome to my backyard! / You will see that this is a busy place - all year round.' Starting in spring, she tells us of: the 'song of a little wren'; nocturnal toads calling to each other; a snail with its glistening trail; spiderlings 'on silvery threads'; the hummingbird 'Like a little helicopter'; a snake in the grass; nest-building paper wasps; baby swallows; a dancing butterfly; night soaring bats; hungry opossums; and baby mice sleeping through the white winter.

It's all in the delightful details, that will make young readers wonder what's to be found in their own backyards. Each double-page spread includes a ladybug, and each illustration has a clue to the animal that will show up next. At the back of this informative and enticing picture book is text on all the creatures met in its pages. Margriet Ruurs also explains how to make your own backyard 'an attractive place' for different animals to live in.

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