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Ricochet    by P. M. Terrell order for
by P. M. Terrell
Order:  USA  Can
Paralee Press, 2006 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by Pat Elliott

Sheila Carpenter's superior knowledge of computers earned her a spot as FBI agent in training at Quantico. Her experiences with a terrorist bomber and hard headed stubbornness brought her face to face with America's worst enemies.

Sheila made the mistake of saying on television that she would never forget the face of the bomber who blew up the mall where she and her friend were shopping. That statement made her a target. The waste of innocent lives and the shock of that day made Sheila vow to be the best agent in the FBI training class. Her embarrassing run-in with 'the handsomest man I ever saw,' has predictable results. He turns out to be an instructor and later the agent who becomes responsible for Sheila's safety.

A picture with a note on the back in her dead mother's handwriting piques Sheila's curiosity. She returns to her old home to find more of the notes her mother made about a strange occurrence in a tobacco market. Men who follow her there attempt to take her life and burn down her childhood home, but not before Sheila learns more about her mother's investigations. Sheila has no idea what her mother was researching but becomes certain it caused the deaths of both her parents.

Continuing adventures lead Sheila to a deserted motel where she witnesses a death, to a woman with her mother's name, and to places where she must fight for her life. Terrell is a masterful storyteller, mixing mystery with danger and terror. Ricochet is a must read if you crave action. The romance is sweet and real but is a sideline to the main story starring FBI agent Sheila Carpenter.

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