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by Russell Andrews
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2007 (2007)

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* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Russell Andrews - author of Aphrodite and Midas - now brings his fans Hades, a marvelously twisted and exciting thriller. East End Harbor's Police Chief Justin Westwood is suspected of conspiracy to murder, but has not yet been arrested.

Instead of going to jail, he uncovers a conspiracy that involves those at the top of the financial food chain. It leads him to a trail of dead bodies that take him back to his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. Justin has a few personal demons of his own to deal with, including accepting the FBI's help in the person of a young woman who betrayed him once before. This fast-paced novel wrings our hero emotionally dry as he tries to cope with the drastic situation in which he finds himself. There are evil people in the world who believe that what they want they should have - no matter the consequences to anyone else. Justin seems to find them at every turn, including a temptress who delights in inflicting pain and death. Or men in a position to control the stock market to their own benefit - to hell with the little guy.

Hades is a story of good over evil, and what it takes to win. The plot is delicately wrought, with enough pitfalls for the hero to satisfy the most discriminate of readers. The tightly wrung out characters are obviously leading lives beyond their depths, but still manage to soldier on. The workings of the financial world are a little beyond my comprehension but intriguing nonetheless. I do hope there is to be another in this series.

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