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Final Paradox: II in the Osgoode Trilogy    by Mary E. Martin order for
Final Paradox
by Mary E. Martin
Order:  USA  Can
iUniverse, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Final Paradox is the second in the Osgoode trilogy. I did not read the first, but was not confused by not having done so. This episode can stand alone on its own merits.

Elderly and frail Norma Dinnick teeters between lucidity and madness, caught in a world of intrigue and outright fraud. For many years she is thought to have been guarding shares in a non-existent Elixicorp. Millions of dollars are involved and desperate men have finally lost their patience and want what they consider their money, however fraudulently obtained.

There are many lines to this plot, that are expertly woven together to produce an exciting read. What is truth and what are the ramblings of an old woman? Norma's lawyer Harry Jenkins is caught up in the turmoil, at the same time as he's trying to care for a failing father. His own personal question to answer is 'What is love?' Can that question be answered to someone else's satisfaction someone who matters a great deal?

People die and madness descends on others. Final Paradox is an intriguing story that resonates in the mind after the last page is read. The characters are real, if at times befuddled. Toronto, Canada is in the background but dimly. I look forward to the last of this trilogy.

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