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Beyond Botox: 7 Strategies for Sexy, Ageless Skin Without Needles or Surgery    by Ben Kaminsky & Howard Kaminsky order for
Beyond Botox
by Ben Kaminsky
Order:  USA  Can
Springboard Press, 2006 (2006)

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* *   Reviewed by Belle Dessler

In our image-conscious society, signs of aging are no longer something to take pride in. They don't symbolize wisdom and experience as they once did. Instead, they make most of us worry about how old we look, how we come across to everyone we meet, and what we can do to turn back the sands of time. As Botox injections and cosmetic surgery become more mainstream, many women are choosing to turn to cosmetic surgeons for help.

In his introduction, Ben Kaminsky poses some interesting questions. 'What if I told you that you didn't have to subject yourself to procedures like Botox, Restalin, brow lifts, or other invasive or surgical procedures to have sexy, vibrant, young-looking skin? What if I told you that some doctors - despite their good intentions - actually make big bucks off these types of cosmetic procedures even though there are other, affordable techniques that are even safer and more responsible in the long term?'

Although Kaminsky's overly-enthusiastic manner brought to mind a late-night infomercial, I had to admit, I was intrigued. Throughout the book, Ben Kaminsky and his son, Howard, describe their 'renowned, scientifically based lifestyle program'. It's a seven-step system that offers strategies for maintaining younger, healthier-looking skin without the need for costly and invasive procedures.

But before Ben and Howard Kaminsky begin to explain their program, they teach us how to figure out our skin's real age. This is an interesting process, because it forces us to take a good look at the way our lifestyle effects our skin. Tips for maintaining healthy skin abound, including one that sounds odd, but makes perfect sense. 'If you really want to see how environmental damage triggers premature skin aging, compare the skin on your face to that on your buttocks. Because the buttocks are rarely exposed to the sun, they show only the effects of intrinsic, or normal aging.' Who'd have thought of that?

The program itself is simple, and falls back on many common-sense approaches to living a healthier lifestyle. Ben and Howard Kaminsky describe each step in a dedicated chapter and offer plenty of advice for making healthy lifestyle choices that will not only help maintain our skin's youthful appearance, but may help with weight control and our overall well-being. As they teach us how to Nourish, Move, Rest, Relax, Super-Saturate, Pamper and Radiate, the authors use real-life case studies, examples of women concerned with the appearance of their skin. Some chose the surgery and Botox route, while others decided to combat skin problems in a natural fashion. Their stories are all fascinating, however, and serve to highlight the benefits of each step of the Kaminsky program.

In a world that values youth and beauty above age and experience, Beyond Botox takes a refreshing look at the way we really can have it all - without resorting to risky, expensive procedures that only serve as short-term fixes, anyway.

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