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The Shell Gift: A Fairy's Tale    by Tennant Redbank & Disney Storybook Artists order for
Shell Gift
by Tennant Redbank
Order:  USA  Can
RH/Disney, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

Rani begins her story of The Shell Gift by telling us 'I'm Rani, a water-talent fairy. I love anything that reminds me of water.' She describes the décor of her room in the Home Tree. It has walls of blue-green color, a floor 'paved with river stones', and windows covered with 'woven seaweed curtains'.

Rani tells us about her first days as a brand-new fairy, how she met Silvermist, another water-talent fairy, and how it felt when she was shown to her own room. It was so beautiful, Rani cried. She explains that water-talent fairies 'cry at the drop of a petal' - from happiness, sadness, silliness, or anger, and 'sometimes when we're hungry' - and they use a leafkerchief to dry their tears. Silvermist gives Rani a welcome home gift all wrapped up in leaves, with a pink posy on top. Rani likes the gift so much, she makes many trips to the beach to get more. In her happiness decorating her room, Rani begins an adventure, while also learning a lesson.

Can you guess what the gift was that Silvermist gave Rani? Have fun reading Rani's merry story, while enjoying the multi-colored pictures of characters and scenery below and above the water. Don't forget that this charming book comes with a collectible necklace.

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