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The Disappearing Sun: A Fairy's Tale    by Tennant Redbank & Disney Storybook Artists order for
Disappearing Sun
by Tennant Redbank
Order:  USA  Can
RH/Disney, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

A well-constructed board-book with a padded-cover awaits little persons to hold and read, while looking at wondrous, vividly-colored illustrations. A bonus collectible is a lightly woven colored-strand of thread, from which dangles a sun trinket.

The Disappearing Sun is Fira's story. She is a light-talent fairy who shows readers her 'place in the Home Tree'. Of course, Fira believes her room is the nicest and the best, as she tells of sunlight peeking through the tree branches, giving off 'dust-sparkled beams'. Fira tells us that 'a silver sun hangs over my bed', a reminder of a day long ago, when she was a young fairy. Awakening one morning Fira notices that a piece of the sun appears to have broken off. Fira has the ability as a light-fairy to look directly into the sun without hurting her eyes (but she warns, 'Don't you try it!')

Fira ventures out on a mission - she must save the sun! She flies to Tink, then to Dulcie, and Vidia, but all are too busy to help her. When Fira arrives at Lily's garden, she grabs a trumpet-shaped flower to announce 'something is eating the sun', but still no one seems concerned. Beautiful Queen Clarion helps Fira to solve the problem. Read on little ones, read on ... and keep believing in Pixie Hollow!

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